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Xanadu en Kilt

I heart Scotland

Bip Humperdink
19 August 1982
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i like Johnny Depp, pirates, Scotland, kilts, naked men, the Beatles, the Magnetic Fields, Queen, Stephin Merritt, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, Flinstones Multivitamins, reading by candlelight, Avenal, Homestar Runner, my friends, Eddie Izzard, Senor Misterioso, Dirty Dancing, creme brulee, harold and maude, jazz night at the Inn at Morro Bay, the miracle of scissors, zombies, wrist sweatbands, Invader Zim, the Simpsons, Family Guy, Glasgow, downloading movies from Grokster, Pauly Shore, Beauty and the Beast, kindergarten, cows, llamas, petting zoos, the Renaissance Faire, Birkenstocks, Youth In Revolt, by CD Payne, Revolting Youth by CD Payne, Shetland Islands, funny t-shirts, jelly belly jelly beans, Truckee, shiny objects, dangly earrings, money, cambria, violets, my cute cute kitties Pickles and Culligan, Waiting for Guffman, Pop Rocks, Slurpees, Confederacy of Dunces, Morro Bay, YooHoo, Freaks and Geeks, boogie boarding, Withnail and I, Cayucthis bumper stickers, knitting, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, the poomobile, toe rings, buying things on sale, the Tea Cozy, bobbing head car thingies, lipstick, San Francisco, Urban Outfitters, England, Wales, fog, rain, mud, hedgehogs, cement, kites, Taco Temple, Archie McPhee, books, touchable bubbles, edible bubbles, regular bubbles, DISNEYLAND, The Sopranos, temporary tattoos, the Dollar Tree, taking pictures, time, beets, plants, flamingos, my peacock feather earrings, peacocks, glitter, getting drunk with my friends, fire, Braveheart, Six Feet Under, JOHNNY DEPP, The Wicked Tinkers (esp. Wayne Belger), Mark Twain, UCSC, Bingo, tadpoles, those little capsules with sponges inside that you drop in water and out comes sea life or dinosaurs or whatever, computers, the jokes on popsicle sticks, SLO punks, Norway, Finland, Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Santa Claus, Sweden, Orkney islands, Will Self, Victor Pelevin, the Klezmatics, Mandy Patinkin, staplers, dishwashers, amsterdam, shetland islands, making art, cheese, cheesy stuff, the Fonz, Santa Cruz, Portishead, toes, freedom, Devotchka, Up Helly Aa, armadillos, light, knitting, kitties, The Art of Living, canned food, yo-yos, the Loch Lomond Highland Games, the Dinosaur Caves, cruising in Spunky, hot british professors, ireland, kids books, the smell of nag champa, the Palm, the Drive in, Dennys, haircuts,journals, the ark, procrastinating, jazzkammer, barcelona, paris, brussels, rome, winnie the pooh, Glasgow, scarves and coats, russians, creative writing, carpet, "Just Visiting," surrealism, and chickens.
archie mcphee, armadillos, avenal, beauty and the beast, beets, bingo, birkenstocks, bobbing head car thingies, boogie boarding, books, books by cd payne, braveheart, bubbles, buying things on sale, cambria, cayucthis bumper stickers, cheese, cheesy stuff, chickens, coats, computers, confederacy of dunces, cows, creative writing, creme brulee, dangly earrings, dennys, devotchka, dirty dancing, dishwashers, disneyland, drive-through car washes, dryer sheets, ducks, eddie izzard, edible bubbles, england, family guy, fire, flamingos, fog, freaks and geeks, freedom, glasgow, glitter, grey's anatomy, haircuts, harold and maude, hedgehogs, hermitage, homestar runner, house, huell howser, invader zim, jelly belly jelly beans, johnny depp, just visiting, kids books, kilts, kindergarten, kites, kitties, knitting, light, lipstick, llamas, making art, mandy patinkin, mark twain, mittens, money, morro bay, mountains, mud, my friends, my peacock feather earrings, naked men, pauly shore, peacocks, petting zoos, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, plants, pop rocks, procrastinating, queen, rain, reading by candlelight, russians, san francisco, santa cruz, scarves, scissors, scotland, scrubs, senor misterioso, shetland islands, shiny objects, slo punks, slurpees, staplers, stephin merritt, surrealism, taco temple, tadpoles, taking pictures, temporary tattoos, the ark, the art of living, the beatles, the dinosaur caves, the dollar tree, the drive in, the fonz, the klezmatics, the life aquatic soundtrack, the magnetic fields, the palm, the poomobile, the shins, the tea cozy, time, tivo, toe rings, toes, truckee, ucsc, urban outfitters, victor pelevin, violets, waiting for guffman, wales, weeds, wet cement, will self, winnie the pooh, withnail and i, wrist sweatbands, yo-yos, yoohoo, youth in revolt, zombies