Bip Humperdink (dornthepirate) wrote,
Bip Humperdink

Summer Itinerary

Here's a sneak peek at my summertime plans. I'll probably post a more detailed version as I get closer to the trip. I'll be gone 6/27-8/6.

--Dublin (Isaac's Hostel 5 nights) + day trip to Belfast
--Amsterdam (Lucky Lake Hostel, 6 nights, Flying Pig Downtown 1 night)
--Switzerland: Interlaken (Balmer's Herberge 3 nights *tallest bungee jump in the world*) + Geneva (City Hostel 2 nights)
--Budapest (Mandragora hostel 3 nights *Kim joins me here on 4/15, stays till 4/29*)
--Romania (Not planned yet. I'd like to visit Transylvania [Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov...], go caving in the Carpathian Mts, Maramures, maybe the mouth of the Danube, and/or other places in around 12 days [minus extra time we might spend in Hungary])
--Edinburgh (just 1 night for old times' sake) and
--Glasgow (Univ. of Art residence 5 nights, chips & curry and cheesy naan every day)
--Dublin (day trip to Derry/Giant's Causeway, Paddy's Palace 2 nights)

I've sent this to a couple people to entice them... If you find yourself with time and some expendable funds, let me know. I'm traveling alone for most of the trip, and wouldn't turn away good company.
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