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Drunken Nights [And Mornings] Survey

When I get drunk:

Do you talk about religion or deep meaning thoughts?
I think so.  I could be wrong though.

Do you cry?

Do you get angry?
No, I'm mostly mild-mannered.

Do you vomit?
Vomit is gross, but on some occasions it can't be avoided.

After 7 beers are you drunk?

After 1 shot of 151 you are?
Never been attempted.

Your favorite drink is?
Pumpkin Ale is #1.  Long Island Iced Tea, Gin&Tonic, Scotch, Sake.

Tequila does what to you?
sneer.  I do like it in things.

Whiskey makes you?
warm and fuzzy in my tummy

Who do you drink with?
Friends.  Or alone.

Vodka makes you?
make faces like a cat w/a hairball.  In shot form, that is.  I appreciate vodka in mixed drinks.

Do you smoke when you drink?

On the rocks or straight up?
Depends.  Scotch: w/some water.  Other hard boozes straight up, let's get this over with.

Do you pass out?
I have, but not regularly.

Do you drink girly drinks?
Some.  Usually not to get drunk though.  "The Anne of Green Gables-themed drinks that Liz-e and I came up with were great, though. No one else appreciates them properly."  <--Truth.  

Do you drink alone?
I do

Worst drink you have ever had?
"Picklehol."  It didn't have pickles in it.  It had many hard liquors and grape juice and other things.  It was kind of slushy.  Deciding it was undrinkable, Emily and I poured it into a pickle jar and put it in our freezer.  I did throw it away before I moved- I also tasted it again.  Naaaasty.  I miss that picklehol though- it was nice to know that it was there.
There was also that Pink Police that apparently tasted like hot dogs.  Emily should have written that down, so I'm doing it for her.

Do you play drinking games?
Yes.  Edward 40hands, that Degrassi game where you drink every time someone says "sorry" (they're Canadian), Anne of Green Gables (same principle, and you also have to match Diana drink-for-drink when she's drinking current wine), pyramids, I like games.  I like board games too.

Drunk phone calls to people?
Sometimes, but I never remember them clearly.  

Drink and drive?

What is your favorite beer?
Pumpkin Ale is the ultimate.  i also like lambic, hoegaarden, guinness, newcastle, heineken, stella, TENNYs, Belhaven Thistle, and more.

What is your favorite mixed drink?
Long Island Iced Teaaas. 

What is your favorite shot?
Lemon drops are actually pretty good.

What will you NOT drink?
Picklehol, I guess that's it.

Are you a lightweight?

Do you like the drinks with the little umbrellas?
All cocktail accessories are fabulous.  

Do you ever drink Bacardi Silver?

Do you like frozen drinks?
To quote Emily: "Good for daytime drinkin' and sea cruises."  So yes, I adore them.

Do you drink liquor straight?
Just the scotch

Do you ever drink out of the bottle?
When occasion calls for it.

Have you ever had a jagerbomb?
Yes, but I can't remember why

Are you drunk right now?
No, but I hope to be.  I'm sick. 

Do you consume more than 2 alcoholic beverages a day?
No, not every day

Do you drink a lot of wine?
Yes, it's good for your heart.

When is the last time you drank?
Last night (I thought some scotch would help me get over my current illness, especially with a splash of "Highland Spring" water, but no.)

Have you ever thrown up from drinking?
So many times.  I don't enjoy that part.

Ever done a keg stand?
Nuh-uh.  I think I'd hurt myself.

Name someone that will repost this drinking survey?
Emily said I would, so I did.  I don't think anyone else will repost, and I'm not going to trick anyone into doing so.

Ever been streaking while drinking?
No, but I've watched drinking friends streak.

Failed any college courses due to alcohol alone?

Ever woken up and said "dude where's my car?
That's a good movie.  I like the ostriches.

Ever carried someone due to their drunkenness?

Have you ever cleaned up a friend's puke?
Yes!  I've held hair back too.

Puked in a friend's car?
I puked out the window of my car once.  I wasn't driving!

Ever drank more beers than years?
Wouldn't you die? 

Ever smash a beer bottle when mad?
I remember kicking one off the curb and it breaking, but that was just because it was there.  That was stupid.

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