Bip Humperdink (dornthepirate) wrote,
Bip Humperdink

happy news

I'm definitely going to Europe.  Today I bought a plane ticket (for less than a grand, go me)  leaving 6/27, and returning 8/6.  That's a mighty long time :O
This will be expensive, but I'm hoping to spend some time in slightly less draining Eastern Europe. 
So far:
I'm flying into Dublin and spending 5 days there (been before, so I can spend some of that time uncricking my legs and recuperating).  
Then I'm flying to Amsterdam (via Brussels) where I will be staying 6 nights at the Lucky Lake hostel....  Hammocks and caravans!  This reminds me somehow of summer camp, crossed with the UCSC trailer park, crossed with some superpotent strain of marijuana.  

Haven't planned any further, but I will definitely be hitting Glasgow on the way back.  Chips and Curry, oh god yes.

Nobody's coming with me yet.  I still have openings for part-time or full-time travel companions.  apply within.

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