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sooooo yea. I went to Bumbershoot this weekend! I saw my friend Kat, which was wonderful, but Dan couldn't come, which is really sad. :(
It was super fun though.. I FINALLY saw DeVotchKa, and now i really want to go see them again and again and again. I was pretty near the stage, and standing there so slackjawed and moony that the band probably thought i was on E or something. but no. i'm just in love with the band. i want to marry DeVotchKa. Anyway, the drummer shawn smiled at me during the show and i almost peed my pants from happiness. After the show i got Nick (singer/whistler/geetarist) and Tom (violinist extrordinaire/banana shaker) to sign my bumbershoot program. I was too squeaky and nervous when i met them, so i didn't really talk to 'em...all i said to nick was "it's no carpel tunnel...yea...) when i handed him my weird looking ergonomic pen to sign with and he commented on how it was an unusual pen. That was embarassing- kinda like when baby meets johnny castle in dirty dancing and she's all like "i carried a watermelon." But they ended up getting together, so maybe i'll still stand a chance. yea right...but then again, unrequited love is my area of expertise.
Sunday was not so good though. It rained a lot, and i forgot my sweatshirt so i was cold. I ended up buying one at a ridiculously marked up price, and not even the one i wanted cause it'd sold out by then. I was gonna see Bo Diddly which would've been fun except that the show was full by the time we got there. I did see Caitlin, which was nice (better than Bo Diddly even?). Kat and I ended up going to see a bunch o' hip-hop, which is not my cup o' tea, but it was okay. We also saw Pretty Girls Make Graves, which i enjoyed, but was too cold and headachey to appreciate properly i think. Elvis Costello was also a good show- he's soooo Cool. Beyond that, however, everything on Sunday was a DISASTER.
Kat & i had booked a room at the Green Tortoise hostel (great hostel, i recomend it highly) for the whole of the trip, but we saw one of Kat's friends at the festival, and she said she was staying in an empty apartment by herself and we could definitely sleep there if we wanted to save some money. I like to save money, and so does kat, so we decided it would be great to sleep there Sunday night and cancelled our reservation at the Green Tortoise. Kat talked to her sunday morning and everything was fine, BUT later that day the friend decided to drop acid, and was tripping late into the evening. So she called during Elvis Costello and told Kat that she was 'not in the right state of mind' to have us sleep over. I can understand that, but it was still pretty thoughtless and shitty of her. So it was like 11 when Elvis was done, and we had nooo place to stay.
The hostel was fully booked, as was the other hostel in town, and many of the cheap hotels...i mean it's fricken bumbershoot weekend! We ended up walkin back to the hostel cause we needed to pick up our bags, and they let us use their phone book to find a new hotel, which was nice of them (see? great hostel). It took a while, but we found a moderately priced room out by the airport. The airport's kinda far from downtown though, and the busses were running infrequently. We caught the 1:30ish bus (barely) and SHOULD HAVE gotten there at 2. I told the bus driver that we were going to the quality inn out by the airport, and could she please announce the stop for us? She kinda nodded, which i took to mean "yes, of course! I know where that is, and i will let you know when we get there"). So we drove for a while, got to the airport, looped back, and eventually we were getting to be out of hotel-territory and into sketchville, so i figure she must've forgotten. I go and ask what happened, and she tells us "Oh, I don't know where it is. I've been looking for it." I tell her the street it's on, and she tells us it's back a couple of miles, and we'll have to wait for the bus headed in the opposite direction. So we ended up waiting at the bus stop which was in the dollar tree parking lot of a very sketchy area until the next bus came like half an hour later. To make a long story short, something similar happened with the second bus, except they dropped us off near enough (barely) to walk to the hotel. We got there at like 3am. My flight left at 6am. To catch the shuttle i needed to be up at 4:30am. K, i just realized how long this is, and boring. basically i didn't sleep, and it sucked. and i payed like 40 bucks for a hotel room i didn't sleep in. but i kept the washcloth, so haha.
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